Magonia Features

In 1904-5 Wales was was struck by both a religious revival and a wave of reports of mysterious lights. This is an account of how these were linked and their historical background.

Kevin McClure’s demolition of the invidious stories of the ‘Nazi UFO’ legend

Back in the days of MUFOB we visited Warminster and met Arthur Shuttlewood. Here is a collection of articles by Arthur and others involved with the Warminster phenomenon.

Kevin’s McClure’s ‘Abduction Watch’ magazine, looking at the facts, frauds and dangers of the alien abduction phenomenon

The facts on hypnotism, hypnotic trances and hypnotic regression, from a professional hypnotist.

The earliest known form of Magonian life. The pre-1968 issues of the Merseyside UFO Research Group Bulletin, a classic 60s local UFO magazine.