MUFORG Bulletin, April 1967

Merseyside Unidentified Flying Objects Research Group

MUFORG Bulletin, April 1967


Edited by John Harney


The setting up of a special UFO investigation in the USA, under Dr Edward Condon, caused much enthusiasm in ufological circles and, no doubt, much amazement among the ranks of scientific orthodoxy.

Just what do we expect of this investigation? Anyone who expects an unequivocal statement that the UFOs are interplanetary spacecraft is surely being a little naive, to say the least. After all, ufologists, both amateur and professional, have laboured for twenty years to find a universally acceptable answer to the UFO mystery. So far, they have not succeeded.

There seems to be no reason to believe that this group will make a spectacular breakthrough. Therefore, nobody should be surprised if they eventually issue a rather noncommittal statement – probably urging further investigation.

The best we can hope for, as amateurs, is that the members of the team will be able to suggest ways in which we can best help the professionals. If they do this and if their report receives wide acceptance among scientists, then perhaps the quality of amateur research will be improved by an influx of people who, up to now, have been put off by the bizarre nature of the subject.




Dear Mr Harney,

It is the business of the National Advisory Council to investigate the antecedents of groups applying for admission to BUFORA. The National Executive Committee would certainly not ignore any recommendation made by the Council in such a case. I can recall instances in which applications for Member-Society status have been rejected.

Applicants for individual membership of BUFORA profess themselves in sympathy with its Aims. There is no reason why their applications should be rejected unless someone on the Committee is aware of circumstances which might be held to disqualify them for membership.

UFO-research IS a strange and unusual subject and I doubt that it would be either desirable or practicable to apply any kind of ‘test of scientific orthodoxy’ to applicants for membership of the Association. The only criterion of suitability would seem to be that an applicant’s views on UFOs should be capable of being presented and debated rationally and within the broad framework of ideas and concepts familiar to any well-informed person at the present time. It is, in fact, a question of ‘intellectual climate’.

For example, I should consider advocacy of Ray Palmer’s Hollow Earth Theory highly heterodox but I would not attempt to bar anyone who espoused the Theory from membership of the Association. I would, however, oppose the admission of an applicant who regarded UFOs as angelic messengers heralding the coming of the Last Days and who described Dr Menzel as the False Prophet and Alan Sharp as Behemoth The-Beast-of-the-Waters!

The National Executive Committee is barred by the terms of the Constitution from interfering in the internal affairs of the Member-Societies and I think the Committee is entitled to ask that a similar autonomy apply in its handling of the affairs of BUFORA’s Central Organisation. The Association is the pivot of the complex of Member-Societies but it is also an organisation in its own right. Writing purely in an individual capacity, I would observe that the Constitution bestows many rights and privileges upon the Member-Societies, upon payment of an annual affiliation fee which is, in terms of present-day values, not so much nominal as farcical.

J. Cleary-Baker PhD, Winchester



None received.



OHIO, USA. Cheshire – December 8th 1966

A Mr Charles Hern was taking his dog for a walk along the Ohio River at about 0630. He noticed a red light across the river. At first he thought it was only a trapper in his boat checking his muskrat traps, but as he looked he realised it was something he had never seen before, he said.

He called his wife, and together they saw that that the light was on the shore. They said that it appeared that little people were going to and from the object.

Mrs Hern said that they were so stunned and dazzled that they decided to call their neighbours, Mr and Mrs Walter Taylor. Mrs Taylor, a schoolteacher, was the first to come outside and she, too, saw the red and orange lights shining from the object by the river. She said that one of the lights was directed toward the water part of the time.

After the others had gone back inside, Mrs Hern remained for a while. She said that the lights went out and then lights of another colour appeared. Then the object went straight up and vanished.

It was reported that a high school student saw an object of a similar description south of there at about 0500 the same morning.

This incident was only one of several in the Cheshire, Ohio, area in November and December, 1966.

(Credit: UAPRO Bulletin, January 1967. Source – The Messenger, Athens, Ohio, December 12th, 1966)

FRANCE Chapelle-Taillefert (Creuse) – 19th March, 1967

Members of a family called Thomasson and another witness saw at 0200 (approximately) a very luminous, sort of cigar-shaped object, which landed.

(Credit: Phénomènes Spatiaux, March 1967)

“Little Man” report from Valensole

According to a report from M. Francis Peyregne, writing in the March, 1967, issue of Phénomènes Spatiaux, five persons in a farm undergoing repairs on the Valensole plateau had an encounter with a strange being, similar to those described by M. Masse.

The incident took place in January, 1967. The five witnesses are said to have surprised the creature in an empty room at the farm. The being was said to be wearing a beard. They tried to catch it, but something like an invisible force made it slip from their hands. It escaped through a window and disappeared during a chase in the fields. The witnesses insisted on anonymity.



The BUFORA Northern Conference will take place on Saturday, November 4th, 1967, at the Central Hall, Renshaw Street, Liverpool, 1.

Conference Co-ordinator: – Mr R.D. Hughes, Liverpool, 4.



Officers for 1967-8: At the Group’s Annual General Meeting, held on April 19th, Officers elected were as follows:-

  • Chairman: A. Rawlinson
  • Vice-Chairman: A.J. Draper
  • Secretary: R.D. Hughes
  • Assistant Secretary: S. Davies
  • Treasurer: Miss M.P. Black
  • Minutes Secretary: J. Harney
  • Astronomy Secretary: A.J. Draper
  • Librarian: Miss I. Amery
  • Committee Members: R. Donnelly, C. Hardy, G.T. Woods

Criticisms of BUFORA: A letter from Mr T. Whitaker, on behalf of the Halifax Branch of BUFORA, is published in the latest issue of BUFORA Journal. The letter sets out a list of suggestions for future procedure at BUFORA Annual General Meetings. These suggestions are very constructive and, if carried out, should ensure that no member who attends the meeting will feel that he has wasted his train fare. This letter was previously circulated to BUFORA affiliates for comment. It was read out and discussed at a recent MUFORG meeting and received unanimous approval.

Note: Membership of MUFORG does not include membership of BUFORA. Prospective members should apply to the General Secretary, Mr M. C. Holt BA, Claygate, Surrey.

Raffles: It was decided at the AGM that raffles will be held at MUFORG Meetings to raise money for the Group. Members are invited to donate suitable prizes.

Future meetings: All meetings are held at Dingle, Liverpool, 8. Meetings commence at 8.0 p.m. Meetings in the near future will be held as follows:-

  • Wednesday, May 17th – General Meeting
  • Wednesday, May 31st – Informal Meeting
  • Wednesday, June 14th – General Meeting


Next issue: In the June issue we hope to publish reviews of two books, due to be published mid-May by Neville Spearman. They are The Warminster Mystery by Arthur Shuttlewood and The Scoriton Mystery by Eileen Buckle. These two books promise to be controversial to say the least.


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