More Strange Awakenings. Jenny Randles

From MUFOB New series 13, Winter 1978/9

This article follows on from Keith Basterfield, Strange Awakenings
The UFO Investigators Network (UFOIN) was founded in spring 1977 to fill what many saw as a void in UFO investigations. The existence of such a freelance network in this country has had several effects, but most notably has paved the way for a more flexible approch towards UFO investigation. In this article I shall refer to the work of three investigation teams, in anticipation of more to follow.

Case number one may seem ordinary, but I include it here because of the light it throws on the subsequent one, which is far from ordinary.

Carol Tounnesen came to UFOIN as a writer for the BBC who was going to produce a series of plays about UFOs; meantime she has found herself enmeshed in the web of UFO investigation.

Her first investigation concerned an event that took place at the overspill development of Killingworth, to the north of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. All we know for sure about the date is that it was around February 1978, and occured at 5am.

The prime witness is a nurse called Linda who was awoken, as was her [grand]mother in a separate bedroom, by a loud noise. The roaring noise grew louder, and they were convinced that a jet was about to crash into the house. The older lady decided to seek the dubious protection of her bedclothes, whilst Linda rushed to her bedroom window. As she pressed her face against the pane to look out, the noise changed suddenly and dramatically. It had been going for a minute or two, so this ‘coincidence’ is interesting. The noise became a high-pitched whining, and within a second or two a huge object sailed into view.

It was like a large cigar tube, the colour of polished metal, surrounded on its sides by myriads of tiny lights. The whole thing revolved on its axis and floated serenely by her window in a gap between her house and the one next door.

There is no doubt that this thing came within a few feet of where Lindaa stood. She says that had she reached out she was sure she could have touched it. The UFO then glided out of view beyond some more houses in the distance. The mother then promptly went back to sleep, while Linda was awake all night in utter panic. There were several other people in the house, and many hundreds in adjacent buildings, but no-one else saw this thing, and so far as we can tell nobody else heard it either.

So what are the explanations? A shared hallucination; certainly the experience was very personally oriented towards Linda. (who claims to have had no previous psychic experiences or encounters with mysterious phenomena), or could the catalyst have been Linda’s mother? Maybe the transfer of experiences took place by a form of telepathy?

The noise in this case seems to have acted as a trigger to ensure that these witnesses experienced the phenomenon. This is something noticed in other cases. One such is that of the Lomax couple, elderly people who live in Essex, whose experiences were investigated by Andy Collins and Roy Lake.

Between 1975 and 1978 the Lomaxes have been plagued by ‘the Noise’. This is apparently a peculiar sound that it is hard for them to describe, but seems to resemble aa rushing of swirling air that builds up and dies down in six seconds or so.

It becomes very loud and seems as if something is about to land on their roof, but then continues away. Both Mr and Mrs Lomax have heard it, together and separately, but nobody else in the neighbourhood, which consists of densely populated terraced houses, has done so.

These events become more interesting on consideration of Mrs Lomax’s ‘dream’. This concerns a ride in a UFO, and is archetypal in its description of occupants who are tall, with grey one-piece suits and long faces. The investigators were concerned to check for possible psychic experiences, of which there seemed to be several. Noises and footsteps have been heard inside the house when nobody else has been present; unexplained ‘cold spots’, TV and lights switching on and off or dimming on their own; radio sets giving out whistles or miscellaneous rude noises. In fact a fairly comprehensive catalogue of poltergeist-type events.

It matters little what interpretation is put on these events; one could claim that it is senility or imagination. But this is untenable, as the descriptions mirror so closely other well documented incidents. Or on the other hand one could suggest that spirit entities are to blame. One medium has suggested that it is a sign that close relatives of Mrs Lomax are looking after her and her husband, although one might think of more reassuring ways of putting this message across. More plausibly, these two events suggest that, like all other ‘close encounters’, the UFO phenomenon is an inherent facet of those experiencing it.

Finally we may consider the case of Rodney Stewart from South Shields. [The investigator's fuller account of this case may be read HERE] Rodney has a great interest in esoteric religions and UFOs. He is conininced that they are real solid machines, and has made several attempts to communicate with them through meditation, and on at least two occasions has ‘summoned ‘ mysterious objects. He also has in interesting baokground of odd and paranormal events. The investigator, Dirk van der Werff was impressed by Rodney’s sincerity and intelligence, and comments that at the time the events were taking place “Rodney was undergoing a very unhappy and emotional period due to a family upheaval…”

A complex puzzle; an indication that the UFO mystery empraces paraphysics and other psychic experiences. Maybe these cannot tell us the answers, but they seem to suggest that rather than looking out to the stars, we must look inwards – in to ourselves.



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  1. The 1978 sighting with the nurse called Linda. This is my sister and she is adamant that she saw a craft. The older woman was my gran. We were just talking about it and decided to google it and see if it was on the net!

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