UFOs… By Appointment. Dirk van der Werff

From MUFOB New Series 15, Summer 1979

This report was submitted to MUFOB via the UFO Investigators’ Network. It continues our series of case studies of so-called ‘psychic-contactees’. Although many cases of this kind are ignored as ‘subjective’ by physical-sciences oriented ufologists, it is increasingly being felt that the study of the background and beliefs of the percipients are of greater importance than many of the reported details of the ‘UFO’. The following case indicates clearly how an individual’s belief-systems structure, and indeed provoke, their perception of the UFO phenomena. Mr Van Der Werff is a newspaper reporter working in the north-east of England.


The case of Rodney Stewart is the kind where you find yourself able to testify to the sincerity of the man and his experiences, but his firm beliefs of the subject of UFOs and his seeming contact with them are open to interesting discussion.

Rodney is a young man in his early twenties living with his mother in a terraced house in South Shields, Tyne & Wear, Like many young people, since he was 15 or 16, has sought out different religions, cults and beliefs in a personal search for faith. He is currently involved with those he found most satisfactory: Eastern ethics and philosophies, and the thought that UFOs are ‘nuts and bolts’ craft piloted by benevolent beings. Rodney believes he is totally responsible for the appearance of a craft which he viewed from the bedroom window of his previous house in the summer of 1976. He has been toldd by members of a spiritualist group (which he visited in his quest for belief) that he has the power of healing and strong psychic abilities. He feels he may have inherited this from his mother, who has had precognitive and other psychic experiences.

During the summer of 1976 Rodney was surprised by his success with meditation and the way he could totally relax and direct his thoughts to anything in particular. He decided it would be interesting to try and chanel specific thoughts to any ‘alien craft’ circling the Earth in our atmosphere. He lay out the symbols of the Space Committee as printed in George Hunt Williamson’s Other Tongues Other Flesh, and began to meditate on it. During his fifteen-minute period of intense meditation he felt strangely confident of success.

“I asked if I might be privileged enough to see their sign in the sky some day”. It must be added that dnring the time these meditations took place Rodney was undergoing a very unhappy and emotional period owing to family upheaval, and it has often been noticed that psychic activity sometimes takes place when a person is emotionally upset. He actually found solace in his belief that somewhere out there the Space People were constantly patrolling they sky, watching over us and the Earth.

After his meditation session ended, between twelve and one o’clock Rodney retired to his bed, which at the time was a matress and blankets on the floor of his bedroom facing the south, looking out through a large bay-window. He meditated the same message the following night. On the third night, after repeating the one-way ‘communication’, he stood at the window gazing at the night sky. A small star-like object caught his attention. It moved from left to right in an irregular pattern.

“Hello, I wonder if this is it”. Rodney remembers thinking at the time, as it slowly ambled into the distance after a period of about forty seconds in view. He thought about possible explanations, but ruled out a satellite or a plane from near-by Newcastle airport, with which he was familiar. He commented: “I was sceptical to the last, but I suppose I was quite willing to believe this was a UFO, and that it was in connection with my mental efforts to communicate with them”.

During his meditation over the next two nights, he thanked the Space People for their sign in the sky, but had to admit that “perhaps I have been priveleged, but I’m not quite sure that it was you”, adding “If you don’t mind, how about just a little bit more”. He remembers thinking at the time “The cheek of it”. The third night after his initial experience Rodney went through the same fifteen minute routine, and settled down to bed, facing the bay window.

“I suppose I began to moan to myself, thinking that I had been a witness to something very privileged, and that now I was asking too much. Who do I think I am?”

Just then, high in the sky through the bay window he could clearly see a bright explosion, like a flare. He rushed to the window, standing on a table with his face pressed to the glass.

“I had absolutely no doubt that I was witnessing a display of a craft piloted by intelligent beings. This was it – I must have been near to tears as it put on an amazing display, moving in an exaggerated wave motion, often stopping momentarily, and then continuing its course until it disappeared from sight. It was a roundish, very bright golden orb with a halo around it. It stayed still for a few seconds, then began to move from right to left, straight along then down to start the wave-like motion. I really don’t know how long it was in view, probably thirty or forty seconds”.

The object was very high in the sky and did not light up any of the buildings around, and made no noise that could be heard behind the pane of glass. Rodney went back to bed and meditated, thanking the space people for their display.

“I’ve never asked again, or for that matter sent any further thoughts out into space for evidence in the sky. The two incidents have been totally amazing, and I consider myself very lucky to have had the honour to have witnessed them. What
more can I say? I am by no means a sensationalist or a liar… the account is the truth”.

Rodney’s only other sighting of a UFO since these events was in January 1978 when he spotted a small silver disc trailing behind a jetliner from Newcastle airport as it passed over the house he is presently living in. It followed the aircraft for a distance, then broke away and silently moved off into the distance.

Rodney also has had two interesting paranormal experiences to relate. One, when he was five years old he was just about to throw a dart at a board, when in front of both his mother and his father the dart just disappeared from his hand. Even after several thorough searches of the room, no trace of the dart was ever found.

Whilst in his proper bed at the end of 1975 he found himself unable to sleep. At around twelve thirty he sat up and was very disturbed about a feeling he could sense around him, and he became aware of a buzzing noise all around him in the bedroom, becoming louder, but from no specific point. At this time he was extremely frightened as his body had become torpid, and he found himself unable to move. He now had a feeling something very unpleasant was about to happen. He shouted loudly, but no sound came from his mouth, and he felt his head moving involuntarily to the left, towards a window which he knew could not be opened. But now the curtains started to move as if by the wind. “It must have been like a scene from a Friday night scare film”, he comments. Suddenly there appeared a Victorian looking table with spindly legs. On it was a vase with dead flowers wilting over the side.

“Slowly I saw the flowers come back to life – they changed from a withered bunch to being in full bloom. It disappeared, the sound stopped, and I ran from that room as fast as I could.”

Rodney also mentioned to me that when he was a young boy he remembers having a particular dream more often than any other. He saw himself looking at the sky watching classic ‘flying saucer’ shapes flying around. This was many years before he had heard about UFOs. Rodney believes that we are all capable of such things as astral travel, and has had some interesting OOB experiences. Mostly these have been spontaneous, although he has had some experience of controlled projection. He feels himself being dragged at tremendous speed down a tunnel, more often than not when on the verge of sleep. In these experiences he has touched solid objects and tasted food.

“When I have met people in this state they have just laughed at me when I asked where I was”. In one experience he walked out of a window, down to a churchyard where people were walking and talking, but were apparently oblivious to his presence. He was concious that he was in the middle of a projection at the time. He got on a bus, where the first person to see him was a young boy who claimed that Rodney was a ghost.

Rodney’s feelings are that UFOs are actual craft piloted by benevolent beings. This comes after his many years of reading and study of UFOs. There is evidence, he says, towards there being hostile UFOs, but sees them as part of opposing good and bad forces in rather worlds.

What Rodney Stewart experienced was real enough, but what it was or where it originated is personal opinion, and will, like many other cases of the kind, be open to many hours of discussion.


One thought on “UFOs… By Appointment. Dirk van der Werff

  1. This is REALLY wierd ..

    I have Google Alerts set up so that when my name is mentioned in relation to my work as a professional photographer – Google lets me knw.

    This morning it sent me this link – to an article I wrote for Magonia in 1979!!

    I remember the case (vaguely) and remember it being published, and I probably still have the original magazine somewhere, but on reading the article it’s like someone else wrote it!

    Just really weird – but thanks to whoever took the time to get it online – I wrote a series of articles about the 1909 and 1913 airships flaps over the North East coast … maybe they will be published too


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