Abduction Watch 16/17

Number 16/17, January 1999



Don Worley – Talking Dirty

It is, I think, time to publicly apply rigorous tests to the factual reality of the claims made by the most influential individuals in the abduction field. If we can combine an exhaustive examination of the competence and reliability of the investigators and researchers who spread and support the abduction message with (see the Abduction Reinvestigation Project item later this issue) a similarly thorough review of the credibility of the most influential abduction cases, then we might just begin to get close to the truth. I guess that we’re already working on the strange case of Derrel Sims, Roger Leir and Eve Frances Lorgen (candidates, if ever there were candidates, for being the purveyors of deliberate US government disinformation, with their influence and resources way outreaching both their competence and their absurdly non-scientific material). But in this issue, I’d like to concentrate on Don Worley, and take a quick look at two or three others, as well.

A couple of months ago the US UFO Magazine published part of AW6 (the regression hypnosis one) under the title ‘Alien Charade’. Soon after this auspicious event (they haven’t even paid me the promised $30 yet) I received a package of papers from Don Worley. You may recall previous mentions of Worley and his strange contributions to the SPI magazine.

Worley is, he tells me, “77 but still a fighter”. He is a consultant to Flying Saucer Review (but then, who isn’t?) and is widely published. He has sent me copies of recent articles of his published in Fate and Contact Forum, and Gordon Creighton is clearly happy to publish him at length. His limply sarcastic letter exhorts me to both investigate and believe in abductions, and it’s worth quoting at some length. Indeed, it’s worth looking closely at Worley’s construction of his own world-view, and the way in which he elicits the supposed experiences of ‘his’ 100+ abductees, and then passes them on so freely to others to encourage further reports. Anyway, first, the letter.

“Kevin I feel really sorry for you. God! you are missing the most awesome drama ever in your life. I read your Alien Charade and of course it makes me into some kind of super idiot who has spent 33 years time, far too much money and tremendous effort working on becoming convinced due to actual on the scene experience with a lot of this via normal intelligent persons that it’s all for real. So now from your words I learn how mistaken I am and what a colossal fool I am. What a waste.

I respect your right to your opinion of course. However under your statements and tone I see the same hate and emotional disbelief I once had about such an outlandish impossible situation. I suspect you are really an armchair student without much total time, cases, at the scene experience. So all of this is a creepy sideshow of fun. My over 40 articles, huge files, over 112 abductees handled and many helped is something that can damage the whole spirit of human enquiry???

Wrong wrong wrong Kevin!!! Those who are present have fooled you totally. In my article ASSAULT I have spelled out what the stakes are and it is a shame you can’t resolve to reexamine your views by actually getting into the abductee struggle there in England. Time is running out on us and you can be a real champion for the truth there in your country. I am willing to send you my questionnaire and answer any questions on how to proceed. Begin to find out about lost timers there and contact them. Begin to add up the truthful data of the cases. Most can be done by mail. I’ve learned to stay off the phone here for among other things the MIB shut us down in one important case.

You said there is no physical evidence of alien intrusion and abduction. Wrong again there are cases. I’ve mentioned two in my Fate article. The burned places and the killed foliage and crushed down telephone stand. How are you really going to explain away the skin effects, implants (they are being recovered and examined). You trashed hypnosis – I have never liked it either so about all my cases are what they can recall. Some of it bubbles up years later. Kevin I have had all these people, I just cannot be so stupid that I would not know the real truth. I’ve been down the avenues of UFO, MUTES, Ape-like entities, MIB etc and I’ve hated it but it is vital we face the truth. By your ignorance you are in effect on their side where as I said you can with true objective determined effort be on our side. You are needed. Do wake up. It’s such a shame to see you like you are. I have sent some actual abductee pages and want to see you explain away such convincing pages. If you can do it I will hate to see your sheer mental delusion. Come on and help! Maybe it’s not too late. We can try even though it all looks pretty impossible.”

In the package of material he sent, on one letter from ‘Andrew’ of Little Rock, Worley has added:

“Andrew is a new resident from England who had the aliens follow him to this country. Once you are chosen to be abducted, usually in childhood, there is no escape. Also even though his wife and son are also being abducted (as often happens to some around the primary abductee.) the three seem to be in the acceptance stage which could suggest alien residual control beyond the actual abduction time periods. Here on this page Andrew describes the type (of) alien we call the Gray. He has also been visited by the beautiful, soothing, human-like usually long blonde haired type alien we call the Nordic or Blonde.”

Another letter, from Worley, is dated 2.7.98. It purports to explain how the ‘abductee’ can “defeat the forces arrayed against you”, but seems more likely to just confirm the beliefs and terrors she already has.

“Peggy you are my 105th abductee and I have helped many so will you please pay attention to me. Next I want to tell you how to combat those who come in the darkness and violate your personal sanctity. It could be successful, partly successful or a failure, but it is very much worth attempting. It matters not what religious persuasion you have only that you have an abiding faith that the creator of it all will help those of his creation who call on him. At bedtime taking the Holy Bible read a suitable selection on his love for us. Ask then for his protection in the night. Have nearby or wear a cross. At the slightest hint of their coming (often an abductee senses it before time.) grip the cross, raise it toward them if you can and pray. Mentally, in the name of Jesus Christ demand that they go from you. If they still get you will yourself to not be a whimpering blob of jello. Have guts sass them back, resist them when possible. They respect honesty and courage. Never give in to them especially in the day which must be yours. Remember it’s all in your control of your mind at least at this time.

I have sent you another article of mine. I believe the Nordics have a great part in all of this. The second article on Lorgen brings up your Insectoids or Reptilians what ever they are.”

Worley also says of this same woman that:

“In later contact I learned that this abductee when she was in an Atlantic City casino walked by a row of 5 computers causing them to all pay off at once. Money flowed players were delighted and the attendants shocked. This abductee has a lot of nose bleeds so the implant is probably in her head and causes this interference with electromagnetic devices.”

It would certainly be interesting to know which casino this was, and on what date this amazing event occurred. I wonder if Worley knows, and if he does, whether he’ll tell us so that the facts can be checked?

Worley preaches a sort of alien-driven apocalyptic, unusually involving sexually predatory Nordics as well as the more usual Greys, and his approach is set out at the beginning of his Contact Forum piece:

“An epic unseen struggle has been raging for many years. Large intelligence groups in Earth’s leading nations and the valiant forces at their disposal are locked in a hopeless struggle with a foe whose power is unsurpassed. Sleeping humanity little suspects what lies in its perilous future. It is much like the falsely secure revellers on the doomed Titanic. If some miraculous help does not finally intervene it is probable that our cherished values and even we ourselves will be annihilated. You think the preceding statements are the babblings of an ignorant irresponsible fool . . The aliens’ ruthless, skilled abduction project presents major problems for our beleaguered forces who do not have the slightest chance of ever coping with this cunning para-physical form of alien penetration.”

Worley numbers ‘his’ abductees, and clearly immerses those who approach him in his own, dismal world-view, but is also convinced he is helping. He says:

“I have been a “refuge in a terrifying time” to many, but it was inevitable that the time would come when I would see defeat in this incredible contest. One of my abductees hanged himself and this devastating news caused me to send out a special letter to my abductees.”

The third point in that letter was, “Insistence on a last phone call to me before the final tragic mistaken act is performed”. This conjures up an unusual picture of abductees on spaceships demanding access to some wonder-phone that can reach across space to Worley in his home in Indiana, but it is hard to see what comfort Worley could bring, when his world-view is so pessimistic:

” . . it is my belief that no one in the clutches of the aliens ever retains his own normal cerebral functions . . the aliens had detained a military man. His vocal chords had been removed and not a thing could be done about it. He knew about jets and was listed as missing . . Wanda (abductee #102) is Valic’s special Earth assignment and a valuable one for the aliens for she has produced 25 fetuses for them . . Underground, Wanda has seen dark haired humans bossing some short Grays and one human she called the commander who had black graying hair. In dirt or finished tunnels and large rooms she has seen captured humans she thought were homeless people and runaway kids who would not be missed in society.”

Worley has also mixed elements of Christian Fundamentalist/anti-New World Order eschatology with his belief in the limitless powers of the various aliens interfering with humanity:

“The cunning and skill of the aliens would be such that the bulk of humanity would never suspect what was happening to them until it was far too late. This would be the time of the cashless society and individual economic control. If you didn’t embrace or cower before the powers of darkness and take the UPC 666 code mark in your hand or forehead you would starve . . “

His Fate article makes similarly dismal assertions:

” . . once you are chosen, often as a baby, there is no escape – at least not until they finish with you. A multiplying factor is the “satellite” scenario. Immediate family, relatives and friends are often taken, making up a “satellite” group around the main case.”

In Fate, Worley speaks dismissively of “prominent scientists on TV”. He says:

“The blunt truth desperately needs to be told. Contrary to what these biased debunkers think, something of monumental importance is happening to our beloved nation and planet, and it may already be later than we think. I am positive that if the debunking scientists out there would leave their illusionary academic world, come out into the field, and objectively investigate the kinds of cases I have mentioned, they would emerge from their foolish, primitive state of unawareness.”

I’m no scientist, but that sounds like a challenge to me, and it’s one I’m happy to take up. Not by going out and reinforcing the misery of the unfortunate people Worley has contrived to share his world-view, but by applying rational and objective invitation processes to his own claims. Firstly, let’s see if we can establish the depth of his research. He quotes freely from the claims of other non-objective researchers like Sims and Streiber, and sets out what he affirms are accounts of “multiple” and “terminal” abductions. Here’s a selection – what does Worley really know about them, precisely when and where these supposed events took place, the names and addresses of the supposed victims, what Police, Marine, FBI, or even journalistic investigations took place, where the records of those investigations can be inspected, and what conclusions were drawn by anyone else apart from Worley himself?

“It is apparent that alien entities are capable of abducting large groups of people. In Bridge, Indiana, two abductees who had recall saw a crowd of people standing like zombies near a UFO. At the end of the event, they saw the crowd dispersing to homes on the nearby street. In another case at a suburban Indianapolis swimming pool, everyone was put in suspended animation and taken one by one up a large tunnel-like form that extended down from the UFO. Another Indiana man described an evening when he and his neighbors assembled under a large UFO. Later, inside it, he saw his neighbors sitting around on benches looking like they were frozen stiff . . In Marseilles, France witnesses watched 10 young bicyclists round a curve and go into a thick fog bank from which they vanished forever. In 1978 Eva Rencher, of Dej, Romania, went to get a soccer ball, turned, and vanished as friends looked on. Burn spots remained at the spot. In 1987 Matthias Gramson, 42, Arkranes, Iceland, skydiving with friends, vanished 300 feet below his companions who were coming down. In World War II on Iwo Jima, 7 men of the 24th Marines watched a dazzling white light envelop five officers and men standing on a rise overlooking the ocean. In an instant they vanished.”

The last batch of these sound apocryphal or worse. I look forward to Worley’s account of how he made absolutely sure they were true before reprinting them. I’d hate to think he might just believe any old rubbish that fits in with his miserable beliefs.

To move on from generalities, there is one specific, extraordinary ‘case’ – of which Worley is clearly particularly proud – which involves not only the credibility of Worley himself but that of Flying Saucer Review editor, Gordon Creighton, too. We may often find that the case an investigator regards as the most important – like Hopkins with Napolitano and de Cuellar – is actually that which is too absurd, too far-fetched. Where by straying outside of the experiencers’ heads and into the real, real-time world, it becomes clear that the story doesn’t cohere or convince, and that the investigator’s judgment, if ever it was sound, is now shot. These are probably the cases to look for. It’s worth bearing that in mind. The claim of Worley’s with which I’d particularly like your help relates to a religious superman who supposedly runs a vast, alien-based cult. Of which I’ve never heard. And Creighton has twice chosen to feature versions of this disturbing account in Flying Saucer Review (FSR)

In FSR for Winter 1995, he is introduced as a “Nordic-experiencer” but is not named – “Psychologist, physician, Ultra-Evangelical Pastor – Canada.

As a child he was held on the lap of his lifetime-mentor ‘Gold’ (golden sheen to eyes) and watched what was done to his loved ones. Over 300 ‘lost time’ periods, and many abduction details recalled in 45 years. Several of these involved groups of six persons. He has had intimate relations with the Nordics and seen them breathe, eat, drink, lift “dumbed” abductees out of a lake with their arms, and physically glide over the surface of water. He has used their Asiatic style toilet (their what???), knows their anatomy like his own, and insists they are flesh and bone. Being a doctor, some of his descriptions of the alien instruments employed on the head and reproductive areas of the human body are classics in themselves. Here we have an in-depth involvement, with the Nordics, of the Leaders and Brethren of a major religious group, and perhaps more can be revealed later.”

Well, more is revealed in the Autumn 1998 FSR. Here, this extraordinary person is named as “Reverend David Adams”. The piece is far too long to quote in full, but the description of his position and his church should be ample to find him if he exists . .

“This brilliant, exceptional pastor possesses a number of University degrees, including those in Philosophy and Medicine, and has had many years of successful leadership experience. He carries the title “Most High” in his own religious Order . . his religious group, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands in Canada and the northern European countries, are entirely familiar with the type of alien whom we call the “Nordic” or “the Blond” . . “

Maybe Gordon Creighton is now so immersed in his beliefs that he failed to notice, but this second piece of Worley’s dealing with Adams has some extraordinary, repulsive and persistent undertones of sexual violence and paedophilia. If Adams exists, and runs any kind of religious group, there may be considerable cause for concern. Have a think about some of the following quotes from Worley’s article. You don’t even have to read between the lines to understand the possible implications. The gleeful suggestion of inter-galactic cottaging just beggars belief . . .

” . . Gold respirates. You bet. I have had my head against his chest more times than I can recount. Not only have I heard breathing but also noted the rising of the chest. When Gold touches me, whether in the clinical treatment or otherwise, it is as though there is a palpable emanation of energy incorporate with his touch . . I’ve never seen any obese non-Terrians. Of the few that I have seen totally naked, all have possessed complete genitals. The testicular mass seems to ride up higher than in human males. Most are slender, averaging something like 7.5 feet in height . .

You want to know about a toilet aboard those places of indistinction? Yeh! There have been times when I had to go, and wasn’t hooked up to some gizmo that’d suck it out of me. Reminds me of an Asian toilet. You squat if you’re defecating, over the hole-like spot, and there is some suction to it, so that our excrement goes whooshing into the hole. And yes, I’ve seen some non-Terrians entering and exiting from the self-same cubicles, albeit not in the act of using the toilets.

Yet in spite of being Gold’s own special one, you can sense that this kindly man David Adams at times would like to be normal and above all free. Far too often he will awaken, and find that something has been done to his genital parts. There will be a bloody tee-shirt and sheet in the vicinity of his groin. Often he will have to suffer testicular, prostatic or urethral damage. One would think the aliens could do a cleaner job at sperm-taking.”

Three brief accounts of ‘alien’ attacks on “boys” certainly demand further investigation -

“In 1963, in the Icelandic State Park in South Dakota, a party of seven boys saw no UFO, but only recovered normal consciousness next day.

In 1965, on an island on the Wisconsin River, seven more boys were taken in a similar manner. Then, in 1995, 11 boys on a float trip in Northern Maine were hit by a beam of blue light as they slept around the glowing embers of their camp fire. Able only to breathe and move their eyes, they were all drawn up, sleeping bags and all towards the source of the blue light. All of these episodes involved concentrated focus on the male sexual system and on that spark of life, the sperm.”

If an extraordinary ritual event recounted by Worley, as apparently told to him by Adams, actually occurred, then this too warrants far greater attention that Roswell ever did. If it actually occurred . . .

“If memory serves me right it was in late August 1987. Just about all of our Brethren who would be participating in the most-telling ritual were out on the landscape. That would make about 400 men, women, and children, plus several hundred animals.

The aliens appeared just as we were commencing our march to our most holy place. One second they were not there, and the next second they were. Of the few Brethren facing in the direction in which they appeared the word was that, just prior to the arrival of the non-Terrians , there was to be seen a rippling in the air, not unlike that of heat. A most abrupt silence descended on the Brethren when they realised just who had joined our party.

It was five Nordics, led by my ‘buddy’ Gold. Only he was observably masculine. The others were of the non-gender variety as far as we could determine. as chief functionary I approached Gold. He said mentally that they wished to witness our ritual. they hung around for the entire procedures, then went back to the spot where they had appeared, before departing in the same manner.”

So, Worley assures us that this “brilliant, exceptional pastor possesses a number of University degrees, including those in Philosophy and Medicine”, and then in his articles about him makes him sound, frankly, like a deluded pervert at best, and possibly far worse. However, Worley also sent me a copy of a page of a letter from Adams, writing round the edge of it (presumably addressed to me, or does Worley send the same stuff out all over the world?)

“This is a large religious group populating Western Canadian Provinces. they own ships, a fleet of Lear Jets, resorts etc. The Most High Reverand with OK of Council of Elders, and ‘Gold’ his Nordic mentor, plus God according to them – wanted me to come behind the wire to their colony to arrange to teach them about UFOs. Due to adverse things I learned about them and having no desire to break their sacred statute of no graven image plus opposition of loved ones, it never happened.”

So, the second page of a letter from Adams, Worley’s “Abductee #90″. A medical doctor and Ph.D, holder of other university degrees, and Pastor to hundreds of thousands of Canadians and North Europeans. So Worley tells us . . .

“Uro-genital? Hey, that’s how I know when ‘they’ve’ dealt with me! Painful urination. Sore nuts. On one occasion, a case of what seemed to be Epididymitis, but couldn’t have possibly been the real ‘McCoy’! And latest, a lump and an incision in the right upper locus of the scrotum which seeped blood for better than twelve hours.

When? Why just go ahead and pick a year, if referencing such as painful urination. Better yet, pick a month! Is there any particular time of year or month? Not that I have ever been able to determine.

Spots of blood sometimes; spots of semen sometimes; and unexplainable splashes of urine or the equivalent of bed-wetting in someone who’s never had such a ‘problem’. Also well into adulthood! . . .

There is no presence of hair except on head’s . . Of the few chest’s I’ve seen, there are nipples as on any human male. Haven’t counted ribs, yet of these there seems to be as would be in any human. No naval’s though . . Of the few who I’ve seen totally naked, all of these have possessed complete genital’s. The scrotal sacks seem to ride higher than a human’s and fail to hang. The testicular mass that I’ve gotten my hands on, suggest that the non-Terran’s so equipt have much more oval testes than human’s do. These testes, are also much warmer than a human’s . . “

And so the page ends, our medical doctor, pastor and Ph.D having demonstrated an inability to spell, use grammar, or show any real sign of intellect at all. However, his continuing obsession with male human and alien genitalia is all too apparent. If this person has any pastoral responsibility for young or vulnerable males, I would be happy to know that the relevant Police or child protection agencies were aware of Adams’ interests and beliefs.

So, to the business of the credibility of both Worley and Creighton, who together have twice decided to publicise this tale. Much has been said about Creighton’s lack of objectivity, and I’d be the first to criticise his trust in Jorge Martin, who has been allowed to make the once-respected FSR a laughing-stock among even belief-based ufologists: either Puerto Rico genuinely experiences a range of ill-documented entity events unheard of in the rest of the world, and the rest of recorded history, or there is a persistent investigator effect arising from Martin’s own beliefs and, maybe, his interest in making a living. I know which I consider to be more likely. However, Creighton has a background of intelligence, integrity and highly-developed communication skills in his career as a diplomat, and if his handling of this case suggests that he has not investigated it properly prior to publication, then that this will cast serious doubt upon the veracity of the other unlikely material that he, as Editor, chooses to publish.

I’m not aware that Worley has any particular credibility. That’s for him to establish. As I mentioned previously, I’ve never heard of a major religious leader called the Reverend David Adams, or a sect with hundreds of thousands of adherents based on intimate homosexual contact with Nordic extraterrestrials. Generally, I reckon I’m pretty well-informed about cult groups, particularly those with alien/UFO elements, so maybe I’ve just missed this one. But if this supposedly huge group really does function in Northern Europe as well as Canada, then I’d expect to have come across it.

So, my instinctive response to the claims made by Worley on behalf of Adams – and published twice by Creighton – is that they are broadly untrue. It’s probably not that Worley hasn’t been told by “Adams” what Adams wants him to hear, but the extravagance of the claims, and the essential foulness of the accounts provided to Worley suggest to me that “Adams” is more likely to be a deeply troubled fantasist than a genuine medical doctor, Doctor of Philosophy, and “leader of a large religious group which numbers in the hundreds of thousands in Canada and the northern European countries, and owns ships, a fleet of Lear Jets, resorts etc.”

I will be sending this issue to both Worley and Creighton, and also to a number of the impressive names that act as Consultants to FSR. They may wish to reconsider their association with the magazine in the light of the faith placed in this case. All concerned may wish to think about, and if possible answer, the following questions, bearing in mind Worley’s bold assertion that, “I just cannot be so stupid that I would not know the real truth” -

  1. What is the full name and place and date of birth of the Reverend David Adams?
  2. Where does he live?
  3. What is the full name of his church/religious organisation?
  4. At what precise address(es) in Canada and Northern Europe is his church/religious organisation located?
  5. In what country or countries does Adams and/or his church/religious organisation pay taxes?
  6. What evidence has Worley that the membership of Adams’ church/religious organisation runs into the hundreds of thousands? Has he checked this claim?
  7. What evidence has Worley that Adams’ church/religious organisation owns “ships, a fleet of Lear Jets, resorts etc.”? Has he checked this claim? Can he name any of the ships and the ports where they are registered, or give the registration numbers of the planes so that their ownership can be verified? Which resorts does it own?
  8. Has Worley verified Adams’ claim that he is qualified as a medical doctor? From which university did Adams obtain his medical qualification? What precisely is this qualification, on what date was it awarded, and by what awarding body? During which years did Adams study for this qualification?
  9. Has Worley verified Adams’ claim that he is a Doctor of Philosophy? From which university did Adams obtain this qualification? What precisely is this qualification, on what date was it awarded, and by what awarding body? During which years did Adams study for this qualification?
  10. Has Worley verified Adams’ claim that he has other academic degrees? From which universities did Adams obtain these qualifications? What precisely are these qualifications, on what dates were they awarded, and by what awarding bodies? During which years did Adams study for these qualifications?
  11. Has Worley – and/or Creighton – any evidence that Adams deals or works with children or vulnerable adults in his church/religious organisation? In view of the repeated reports of violent sexual assaults on ‘abducted’ young males by ‘aliens’, have either considered bringing Adams’ claims to the attention of the relevant Police forces or child protection agencies for investigation? I will certainly undertake to do so once Worley – and/or Creighton – has provided sufficient information in response to the above questions.

I hope I receive some informed responses to this issue of Worley and Adams. Worley seems to be determined both to spread a deep and lasting fear of abduction and assault, and to persuade abduction believers that he is in a position to help them. In view of his pronouncements I find that proposition hard to believe, and I strongly suspect that those numbered abductees he intends to help would probably be far better off without his input. I hope that the questions I’ve raised here will serve not only to pin down the truth – or otherwise – of the claims made by David Adams, but will also assist in assessing the competence of Worley himself as both investigator and therapist.

Out of Sight and Out of Mind?

If you’re familiar with the wild claims habitually made in Matthew Williams’ (defunct?) magazine Truthseekers’ Review, you won’t be amazed to have seen the “Statement from Crop Circle Makers in the UK” that turned up on the Net in November. Issued, it appears, on behalf of Williams and fellow truthseeker Paul Damon, it began

“I Matthew Williams admit that during the summer of 1998 I made crop circles in the United Kingdom. This effort was undertaken in order to continue research into the circles phenomena and follows on from limited circlemaking which took place in 1996 and 1997 . . ”

The claim then rambles on setting out various pseudo-scientific purposes, says it wasn’t a hoax but an experiment, reports various “unusual phenomena in and around the fields whilst making circles”, that “we were in communication with a much higher intelligence regarding the responses to our circle designs – ie: other circles which appeared as an apparent response to circles we created”, and that “we then started to see circlemaking as a form of sacred art which has a higher purpose.”

All of this is pretty much the standard, self-advertising fantasy, reminiscent of the claims made by Andy Collins and his chums around the period of Black Alchemist, when they spent time living in a self-induced reality that had no substance for the rest of us, and we all had the good sense to ignore them accordingly. But then, even those most likely to believe in the impossible were generally wiser and more demanding of evidence. Now, the threshold for acceptance is so low that Williams’ claims have attracted genuine and sustained interest, with questions being asked about which circles they made, and when, and how. The belief in non-human circlemakers, and investigation through non-scientific techniques, is now set so deep in the believing psyche that no attention has been paid to the obvious clue that either the claims are hoaxes in that

  1. they are not made by Williams and Damon,
  2. they are made by Williams and Damon, the reported events never happened, but, having fallen into the habit by believing in rubbish like the Welsh Crash and Security 580, Willams and Damon have so lost touch with what is real and what is not, they have convinced themselves that their statement genuinely represents the truth.
  3. they are made by Williams and Damon, the reported events never happened, but for some reason they have set out to deceive the gullible, and have succeeded in doing so. It isn’t difficult.


So, what is this clue? Where should even the most idiotic believer draw the line, and refuse to be dragged down any further into the morass of credulity? Simply this . .

“Whilst making circles we became aware that we were being protected by some unseen force or intelligence whilst we worked. This was evidenced many times to us and even took on the form of making us invisible and inaudible to people standing on the edge of the field we were working in. We at first found this very very disconcerting having thought that we had been caught out by either members of the public or circles researchers, only to find out that we could not be seen or heard! Maybe this is why no human circlemakers have ever been caught . . ”

Yes readers, Williams and Damon couldn’t be seen because “some unseen force” had made them invisible. Quite why we never heard from the “people standing on the edge of the field we were working in” about how they had watched this year’s complex formations, er, making themselves, isn’t explained, but I guess this means that any formation that nobody saw being made, Williams and Damon had probably been out there making it! If I thought Williams was bright enough, or could reach a worthwhile audience, I might suggest that he really was involved in testing the credibility of the public in believing in extraordinary events, but unless the US and UK governments have instituted some sort of MK MORON mind control programme, designed to test the dimmest and most irrational minds in this stupid field, I don’t think that’s the answer. If these postings really did come from Williams and Damon, I guess they genuinely believe that they occupy a reality somewhere between fairyland and pantomime. And they’re right in believing that they’re not alone.

While You Were Sleeping

As many of you will be aware, I’ve never been a great fan of BUFORA bigshot John Spencer: there are barricades out here and they need to be manned by the few effective communicators we have. I’ll probably return to the uncritical, largely secondhand melange that is True Life Encounters – Alien Contact (Millennium 1998), but for now I’d just be grateful for some information presented by the Spencers (John and Anne) in a lengthy interview with Ros Reynolds in that book. Again, it’s about some material that hopefully hasn’t just emerged from the heads of the experiencer or investigator, but which we can actually go out and check. If it turns out not to be true, we can reasonably draw conclusions about those who have chosen to publicise this case.

The passage from the book that intrigues me arises from Reynolds’ 1988 contact with a Clacton UFO group through an ad in a “freebie” newspaper. The resulting investigator “suggested using a hypnotist”. Ros recalls:

“The hypnotist arrived; he brought a sceptic with him. But the hypnosis session never happened. In fact the hypnotist has told me that he won’t go near me again. what happened was he got all his equipment set up and all I know is that I laid on the couch in the back room and went to sleep. But apparently what happened, so I was told, was this beam of light appeared in the middle of the room. all the clocks stopped. The sceptic got thrown to the wall (I know the feeling – KM) got mauled by something and had four claw marks on both arms. All sorts of weird and wonderful things started exploding, electrical phenomena and light bulbs going off, things flying round in the air. It’s really spooky. The UFO group brought SC into it (another UFO researcher) . . The group showed me pictures of ‘aliens’, most of which I didn’t recognise. But I came across one I knew from when I was about three years old . . ”

I’ll be sending a copy of this issue to John Spencer, who I hope has thoroughly investigated these claims prior to publication. However, if these events (through which Reynolds apparently slept, so she presumably only knows of them from what she’s been told) actually occurred as reported, I’d be delighted to know which group ran the investigation, who organised the hypnotist, who that hypnotist was, what “equipment” he needed, at what address and on what date these extraordinary events took place, who the “sceptic” was and whether he went to hospital or a doctor (where/who/when?) with his injuries, and who “SC” was. Addresses for all these persons would be most helpful.

All of these should be checkable facts. If they are not forthcoming, and checking is made impossible, I will certainly wonder whether Ros Reynolds was told the truth by those who put her in this ill-advised situation, and to what extent this information has contributed to the sad and intrusive beliefs she currently holds. Any help or advice will be appreciated.


I guess that the preceding piece suggests what I have in mind here. If I’m ever going to do anything effective with my firm, and hopefully rational (rather than just sceptical) conclusion that no human or animal has ever been abducted by a non-human, alien being, then I need to be able to explain to abduction believers and media alike just how this belief has developed and become accepted by so many people. Much abduction research is more or less hermetically sealed to protect it from outside interest. Jacobs, Hopkins, Mack, Boylan, Dodd, Robinson, Worley and the rest do not want ‘their’ abductees to consider alternate views to the ones they have introduced, maybe even imposed, and any genuine, thorough reinvestigation of the individuals involved is almost unheard of. And why? Because it’s never allowed to happen.

Actually, the truth is that nobody even really tries, and that’s about as bad as bad science gets. Because we deem that abductions don’t happen, we dismiss the multitude of abduction reports rather than trying to comprehend them, we fail identify any stimulus that may be related to them, and don’t try to revisit the evidence with the witness. The witness remains firmly in the thrall of the writer or researcher who has overlaid their experience with an abduction interpretation, and simply encourages others to take the same route into belief.

We have found, in just over a year of Abduction Watch, that some of the most prominent of supposed abduction cases – A70, Alan Godfrey, ‘Jason’, almost anything put out by Derrel Sims and his acolytes – are deeply flawed. So deeply flawed that they could help others understand that so huge are the errors in interpretation and investigation that have been made, the whole myth of abduction is less than likely to be true. This may not be what either abduction believers or the media want to hear, but it seems likely that, in due course, the balance would change, and the media in particular would find the explanation of existing cases of more interest than the constant accretion of increasingly unlikely abduction accounts. In consequence, less abduction believers would be drawn in to the mythos, and we might begin to understand the real nature of internal, anomalous, experience.

I see this process as taking up to two years, starting whenever. Initially, I’d like to revisit some of the cases published in FSR during the years when it had a better reputation, but when many of the ‘abduction’ investigations were being conducted by individuals we now know are eager to believe in anything from circlemakers to orgone, from dowsing to ancient astronauts. Particularly, I’d like to identify all the UK cases where memory-enhancement techniques were used, and to establish the identities and competence of those who extracted the ‘memories’ presented as real events. I think that would be a very good place to start. If you know of anybody else at all, anywhere in the world, who is already involved in the detailed reinvestigation or re-examination of old abduction cases, please let me know, or pass my details on to them. Thanks.



Kevin McClure retains the copyright of all material published in AW, but if any responsible magazine or e-zine would like to reprint anything, I’m likely to agree if you ask in writing. Thanks.

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